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Redeployment and Remobilization for Production Safety and Epidemic Prevention and Control during the Spring Festival at Shandong Heavy Industry Group ,casumo no deposit


  At 8:30 am on February 10th, Chairman soccer usa u23 presided over a special video conference to redeploy and remobilize production safety and epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival at Shandong Heavy Industry Group, and to implement the corresponding instructions and requirements of the provincial government and the provincial SASAC Party Committee. The main venue was set at China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, and over 20 subsidiaries within Shandong province participated in the conference via video conference.,karnataka lottery online purchase

cricket rental,  Currently, Shandong Heavy Industry Group's engines, heavy trucks and other products are in short supply and will continue to produce at full capacity. During the Spring Festival, more than 50,000 employees stay put in Shandong province and adhered to their positions to ensure orders and growth, and in turn drove more than 870,000 people in supply chain enterprises within Shandong province to work overtime to ensure supply. Production safety and epidemic prevention and control are the top priorities.

uefa euro 2020,  Regarding the production safety and epidemic prevention and control tasks during the Spring Festival, Tan emphasized that the effective operation of the system should be ensured, safety management and epidemic prevention and control should be fully carried out; the main leaders should personally manage and monitor the epidemic and should bear the brunt to shoulder responsibilities once problems occur; supervision and inspection should be done by going straight to grassroots level and production scenes without notices. With the strictest responsibility and hardest measures, we will resolutely do a great job in production safety and epidemic prevention and control, and promote the enterprise to achieve higher-quality development.

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