Medico- Marketing Solutions

We specialize in providing Customized Training Solutions and all the other support required by pharmaceutical companies and hospitals.

From skill development to leadership Workshops, From recruitments to medical Input, “Wide Horizon” has highly diverse and experienced team to provide high quality solutions to our clients.


PRIDE- Passion Required In Delivering Excellence

Training workshop that  enhances Passion, Motivation, commitment, Time Management and involvement of employees. The workshop aligns the energy of employees with the organizational goals and helps them to  deliver  beyond expectations and achieve high job satisfaction


SMILE- Style Matters In Leveraging Excellence

Training workshop for capability development of the employees. Rapport building, presentation and communication skills, Customer management, selling skills, conflict management and team building workshops


GUIDE- Guidance Underrated in Demanding Excellence

Leadership training that flows from top to bottom in the hierarchy of the organization. Focus on different styles of mentoring and motivating team in Demanding scenario.

TTT-Train The Trainer

It includes specialized training for teacher and mentors for all the capability and skills required for conducting high quality and result oriented training

Other Services

We also provide recruitment, Media Networking and Legal Solutions to support our clients based on their requirements.