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Basketball Referee Roles and Responsibilities - Realhoopers

Basketball Referee Roles and Responsibilities Equipment Checking. Referees have to check the basketball equipment before every game. All the equipment that will be... Ball Pressure. They have to check the pressure of the ball that will be used in the game. Ball pressure can severely... Uniform ...

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Referee Roles And Responsibilities Check all game equipment (i.e. hoop, ball, backboard, floor) Check the pressure of the ball between 7.5 pounds and 8.5 pounds Check player's uniforms and remove illegal equipment Checking team roster size and the active list Toss the ball in jump balls Assign ...

Roles & Responsibilities of a Basketball Referee | SportsRec

Roles & Responsibilities of a Basketball Referee Enforce Rules. A basketball official is expected to be an objective enforcer of league rules. When an infraction is... Maintain Order. By making decisive and fair calls, the referees attempt to make sure that the game is played in a... Game Flow. A ...

Roles & Responsibilities of a Basketball Referee | Career Trend

Roles & Responsibilities of a Basketball Referee General Roles and Responsibilities. At high school level and above, three basketball officials are required in a game. Pregame Duties. At least one referee should be present a half-hour before tip-off to make preparations with table... Enforcing the ...

Responsibilities of a Referee in Basketball

Basketball referee is an official who supervises the game of basketball. His job starts before the game starts and continues till the game ends. Here is a detailed look at the responsibilities and duties of a referee in basketball. Pre-Game Responsibilities. As mentioned above, referee’s duty starts before the game starts.

RULE NO. 2: Duties of the Officials | NBA Official

RULE NO. 2: Duties of the Officials. The game officials shall be a Crew Chief, Referee, Umpire and Replay Center They will be assisted by an official scorer, two trained timers, and courtside...

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The Role of the Referee Pregame. At any level of basketball the referees have some responsibilities that take place before the game begins. They must make sure every uniform is worn correctly and no violations on this front are visible. Also, they will inspect the court, hoops, and game ball to make sure that it is sufficient and ready to be played with and on.

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Lead referee (also known as crew chief in NBA) is the in charge of the game. Normally, all two or three referees are independent in terms of making their decisions but in case of a dispute, it’s the lead referee whose verdict is considered final. Scorers. Scorer play supportive role in the game of the basketball.