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Calling Station - Poker Definition | 888poker

A calling station is a type of poker player who rarely folds when facing bets or raises. Calling stations are generally losing poker players because they are constantly paying out when their opponent has better. Calling stations are constantly worried about being bluffed off the best hand and find themselves constantly calling because they just “have to know” whether their opponent has it or not.

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What is a Calling Station & How Should You ... - Upswing Poker

What is a Calling Station? A “calling station” is a player who calls often regardless of their hand strength. These fold-averse players are most commonly found in live and low stakes online games. Calling stations are relatively easy to beat, but they can be frustrating to play against if you catch a cold run of cards.

Calling Station in Poker - 5 Ways to Beat a Calling Station

What is Call Station in Poker. Call Station: A player who finds it difficult/impossible to make laydowns. Play is characterised by a large amount of calling, especially with weak and marginal holdings that should clearly be folded. It should be evident from the definition that calling stations are not good poker players.

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Calling station is a poker term used to pejoratively describe someone who consistently calls bets and rarely (if ever) raises, regardless of the strength of his or her hand. In Texas hold 'em and other community card poker games, calling stations are sometimes rewarded for their poor play by lucky cards that come on the board, often encouraging unskilled players to overestimate their skill level.

Calling Stations – How To Win The Most Against These Players

One of the first things you’ll want to figure out when you sit down in a game is to identify calling stations since you’ll be making a bulk of your profit from them if you play your cards right. In online games, poker software will do the bulk part of the job, and you can quickly identify calling stations based on their stats: High VPIP

Calling Station - Next Poker Destination

How can I deposit on Calling Station? Login to your Calling Station account and go to your “Account Dashboard”. Select “Cashier” option. Click on “Deposit” Choose the amount you want to deposit and mode of payment - GoCashFree or PayTM. Click “Submit”. Use your bank credentials to deposit and start grinding on Calling Station.