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Duke Basketball Workouts | Healthy Living

Since the early 1980s, Duke basketball has experienced great success under the tutelage of men's head basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski. "Coach K" has hired a number of former players as assistant...

Strength Training For Basketball - Washington Huskies

Inseason: Strength training 2-3x per week 30min sessions, Practices vary from 2-3 hours in length in early season, during league play 1.5 -2 hours, and 1-1.5 during tournament time, always going 6x per week.

Duke Men's BB Workout Program [Archive] - DBR Boards

They are total body workouts that include 8 excercises for strength, balance, core and cardio - do 8 x 5 as fast as you can. Object is to beat your time the next time and move on to heavier...

8 Week Bodyweight Strength Program for Basketball Players

The importance of strength is quite evident in the sport of basketball. The days of just playing pick-up at the gym are over. It is important to participate in a truly comprehensive strength training program in order to improve performance on the court. Your strength program lays the foundation for your success.

The Big-Time Workouts of the Four No. 1 Seeds in the NCAA ...

The Big-Time Workouts of the Four No. 1 Seeds in the NCAA Tournament. The NCAA Tournament kicks off this week, and the No. 1 seeds in each region are set. Kentucky, Wisconsin, Duke and Villanova ...

6-Week Basketball Training Program | Coach Brock Bourgase

Upper Body Weight Training (1-2 sets x 10-12 reps) Shoulder Press; Incline Press; High Row; Chest Press; Incline Row; Inverted Row; Landmine Press; Lat Pulldown; Tricep Dip; Upright Row; Lower Body Plyometric (3 sets x 10-12 jumps) Alternate Leg Bounding; Single Leg Hops; Step Ups; Day 5. Lower Body Weight Training (1-2 sets x 10-12 reps) Dumbbell Lunge; Glute Ham Raises

Men's Basketball - Duke University

The official Men's Basketball page for the Duke University


Training Chapters prior to performing the summer conditioning program. Remember: Running is specific to basketball, but you may use different modes of training for variety (Stairmaster, treadmill, stationary bike, etc.).

Preseason Training for Basketball - Strength Coach.com

training from the weight room to the basketball court, each 4 minute set is separated with a 2 minute rest period, similar to the media timeout during games.