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Q&A: What is the new handball rule? - BBC Sport

Football's rulemakers, the International Football Association Board (Ifab), tightened up the handball rule in time for this season, defining the boundary between the shoulder and the arm as the ...

Handball Rule in Football | Deliberate Ball Handling Rules

Handball rules and regulations in football are the most controversial laws for English Premier League referees and linesmen to handle. Determining the difference between ' handball ball ' and ' ball to hand in football ' is a tricky job for all FA officials.

What's new in 2020/21: Handball Laws

Handball laws. From the 2020/21 season in the Premier League, there will be a new interpretation of the law on handball made by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) . The boundary between the shoulder and the arm is now defined by "the bottom of the armpit". To penalise a player for handball the match officials must have clear ...

How does the new handball rule work? Football rules explained ...

Formerly, rules around handball were based on the offence being deliberate. This is still the case, though now there are more specific examples of what should and should not be penalised.

What is the handball rule in soccer? – Pegaswitch.com

The rules for handball in soccer are as follows. It is a handball offense if a player: deliberately touches the ball with their hand/arm. scores in the opponents’ goal directly from their hand/arm. scores in the opponents’ goal immediately after the ball has touched their or a team mate’s hand/arm.

The Rules Of Handball | realbuzz.com

Basic handball rules. The six metre line - No handball player (other than the goalkeeper) is allowed in the goal area (inside the 6m line). Exceptions are after a shot on goal, when the player jumps into the area and shoots the ball before landing in the goal area. ‘Walking’ - If a handball player takes more than three steps without ...

Football lawmakers IFAB in crucial changes to handball law

Football's laws surrounding handball are about to change. Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images "People have said that the current wording is far too rigid and inflexible. what we're basically doing is ...


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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct - The Football Association

IFAB Laws of the Game 2021-22. Shares. Expand. Law 12 Fouls and Misconduct. Direct and indirect free kicks and penalty kicks can only be awarded for offences committed when the ball is in play. Direct free kick. A direct free kick is awarded if a player commits any of the following offences against an opponent in a manner considered by the ...