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Rupture of Latissimus Dorsi Muscle in a Tennis Player

Spontaneous rupture of the latissimus dorsi muscle is a rare injury, and few reported cases were avulsion injuries at their humeral insertion.

Latissimus Dorsi Tear in an Olympics-Level Tennis Player ...

Latissimus Dorsi Tear in an Olympics-Level Tennis Player: Case Report and Review of Literature. Latissimus dorsi tears are extremely rare and are encountered primarily in high-level athletes. Noted initially in baseball pitchers, cases have been described in other sports too, with one report of a latissimus dorsi tear at the muscle-tendon junction in a tennis player.

Latissimus Dorsi Injuries | Shoulder Injuries | Dr. Chris Ahmad

Tears of the latissimus dorsi (LD) and teres major (TM) muscles occur in high level throwers. The LD originates from the lower thoracic spine, lower ribs, and iliac crest. The LD inserts on the inner part the humerus bone just below the glenohumeral joint.

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Latissimus Dorsi Pain: Symptoms, Causes, and Exercises

Pain is usually caused by overuse, using poor technique, or not warming up before exercising. Activities that can cause latissimus dorsi pain include: gymnastics; baseball; tennis; rowing; swimming

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Latissimus dorsi muscle injuries might be associated with an injury of the teres major muscle. Clinical presentation Patients usually report pain, burning or tearing sensation and might show an asymmetry or bruise of the posterior axillary fold or lump at the latissimus dorsi muscle belly.

Latissimus dorsi pain: Symptoms, causes, and exercises for relief

play tennis; do exercises such as pull-ups or lat pulldowns; It is possible to tear the latissimus dorsi, and athletes are at particular risk. Some athletes most likely to injure this muscle...

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The latissimus dorsi is often injured during sports activities. For example, this muscle is used during pitching activities — first as a shoulder stabilization during the cocking phase, then as a strong internal rotator during the acceleration phase of the movement. Advertisement.

How to Fix Latissimus Dorsi Pain – Facts & Physio

An injury to the latissimus dorsi muscle, also known as the lats, produces pain at the back of the shoulder and the base of the shoulder blade. Tight spots in the latissimus dorsi may also cause low back soreness and mid back pain. In some cases, the lats refer pain down the arm and into the hand.