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Baseball socks are thicker and harder to run in. (keeps you hot) Soccer socks makes you not hot.

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The baseball stirrup sock, two layers of socks developed for safety reasons, has been a proud tradition of America’s Pastime. Today, many sports have a version of their own sock, from soccer socks that accommodate shin guards to football socks that pass the knee. There are basketball socks so specialized they are actually right/left foot specific.

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The debate of baseball stirrups vs. socks has been going on for far too long. Some people are in the camp of socks while the others have decided to side with stirrups. However, there are a few obvious advantages and benefits that the usage of stirrups enjoys over the usage of baseball

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High Socks and Stirrups vs. Low Cuffs. When you speak of high socks vs. low cuffs, it is nothing short of a fact that it is one of the most heated debates in the world of baseball. Traditionalists argue for the socks or the 12 inch cut baseball stirrups to be pulled up high, but some of the modern fans think that it contributes to an outdated look.

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Custom Sports Socks vs Fashion Socks. It is possible to customize many styles of sports socks as well as fashion or casual socks. In general, sports socks have performance features while fashion socks are simpler designs. Sports socks feature premium materials and smooth, reinforced seams to reduce blister risks and stand up to more rigorous wear.

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While both soccer and baseball socks are very similar, soccer socks are often designed to help hold the player's shin guard in place and may be made from thinner materials. Since both sports often take place outside in the warmer months, moisture-management is important and extra protection may be present throughout the ankle, ball of the foot ...