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It is unfortunate, as you weren’t trying to make contact with the serve out of the air, but this rule is firm. If the ball hits your body or your racket in the air before it touches the ground, you lose the point. So if your opponent is aiming for you intentionally rather than the service box, they can earn a point by hitting you? Technically, yes.

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The Tennis Serve and Volley move can surprise your opponent, The serve and volley is an ideal tactic to conserve energy or to rest from long and tiresome rallies, This combination move disrupts your opponent’s momentum and concentration, and . It can scare your opponent forcing him to make unforced errors.Serve and Volley Strategies

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Serve and volley has died out a bit on tour due to the surfaces playing slower and the balls being bigger to help encourage longer baseline rallies. However at club level it is still one of the most effective ways to win points in both singles and doubles. There are three types of serve and volley. The first is used the most by players and pros alike, this is when you decide prior to serving that you will committ fully to coming in.

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Can You Use The Serve And Volley Game To Win On Clay?

Advantage: serve and volley tennis . The Constant Pressure Of The S&V Game Mentally Breaks The Baseline Player. Anyone can mentally handle an occasional serve and volley point. But when you know the server will be rushing the net behind a good first or second serve every single point, the pressure is turned up 10-fold.

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With Miracle Tennis, you can enjoy practicing strokes, serve and volley anytime anywhere, with just a car space. I would like to practice tennis at home, but it is boring with just swing, I recommend Miracle Tennis to that person. I want to improve my stroke. Correct form compaction is important for stroke improvement.

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Volley, other known as the obstruction, is an illegal shot in table tennis, and you aren’t allowed to do so. ITTF Handbook clearly states that you are not allowed to hit the ball before it has touched your side of the table. That being said, you can’t take advantage of volleys as you must in badminton.