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Cover your hitter drill - The Art of Coaching Volleyball

Follow. Covering the block is one of the important little things that great volleyball players do every single time. When you’re well-positioned to bring a ball up after your teammate has been blocked, it can lead to many extra point opportunities during the course of a match. Here, Austin Juniors demonstrates a fun and useful coverage drill. The receiving team only gets points for tooling the block – and the tool can’t be playable on the other side of the net – or by covering a ...

4 Volleyball Tips On How To Cover Your Hitter - Volleyball Tips

Here are a few tips we teach at our All Skills Volleyball Camps to make sure you are always ready to assist your hitter. Tip #1: Position yourself close to your hitter. A classic formation for covering an outside hitter is to have three players aligned next to the hitter.

Volleyball Coverage Drill - Russ Rose - YouTube

Russ Rose explains a drill that helps teams work on their coverage after a blocked ball.For more free videos about volleyball drills, skill training, practic...

Hitter Coverage Drill | ACTIVE

How the Drill Works. The coach tosses a ball to the serve receive side who plays out the ball, with so many blockers chances are the ball will be blocked, making sure that the defensive players cover their hitters well. If the blocked ball is picked up, lay it out. If the ball is blocked, the coach who is now standing behind the blocker who made the block, immediately tosses over another ball to be covered as though it has been blocked.

Volleyball Tip Drill: Teach Defenders to Read the Setter and ...

In this tip drill one team is attacking and one is defending. The defending team must control five balls from the attacking team in a 1 minute time span. The attacking team will receive a free ball to start the tip drill. The attacking team should mix-up their attack such that the defense does not know when a tip is coming.

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Dig, set, cover drill variations - The Art of Coaching Volleyball

Once the dug ball is set to the coach, the players cover and the coach tips to simulate a blocked ball. The back-row players cinch up to the net to dig that ball. Repeat the sequence. The drill progresses to having only 2 players in, the back row, alternating digging and setting.

Volleyball Hitter Coverage Drill - YouTube

Steve Colpus has his team going through a hitter coverage drill to work on his team covering his attackers for when they get blocked. As you can see in the d...

Dig-tip drill with Mark Barnard - The Art of Coaching Volleyball

Oregon State University. This is a fun 2-on-2 drill that works on tipping and digging. Mark Barnard, Australian national team coach and Oregon State associate head coach, explains how it works here. The main purpose of this drill is developing the ability to tip accurately, but it also allows blockers to work on getting off the net quickly so they're ready to make a full hitting approach.