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In golf, "albatross" is a term for scoring 3-under par on an individual hole. Yes, albatross is another word for a double eagle - the two terms are identical in meaning. But, as we'll see below, albatross is the more widely used term.

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In the US, a double eagle is still used – but in the UK and Europe as a whole, the term “albatross” is a more widely used term to describe a double eagle. And this is thought to have originated way back in 1929. A newspaper clipping from this time quotes a match played in the northeast of England where it quotes….

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An Albatross, also known as “Double Eagle”, is a golf scoring term that is three (3) strokes less than the par rating a specific hole has. It is also recognized as 3-under par.

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And Albatross is when you manage to get 3 strokes below Par! Thus it's only possible to achieve on either a Par 5 completing the hole in 2 strokes or getting a Hole-In-One on a Par 4. Read our full article to get the full explanation! Odds of making an Albatross in Golf![or Double Eagle] High! Or at least if you would ask professional golfers.

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Albatross – Also known in the U.S. as “Double Eagle” the Albatross is when a player is able to finish a Par 5 in two shots. One shot off the tee and the second in the hole! Condor – This shot is almost never seen but the term still exists. A Condor is recorded when a player is able to complete a Par 5 in just a single shot.

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An albatross is a large bird with an impressive wingspan that is exceedingly rare. Its name is an extremely apt name for such a rare feat in golf. You are more likely to score an ace (hole-in-one) than scoring an albatross.

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The other term for an albatross is a double eagle in golf. The terms are the names given for a score of three under-pars on a hole. But the expression double eagle is widely used instead of an albatross. The score is most often achieved within two shots on a par-5 hole.

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In golf, an albatross is something that most golfers will never have the fortune to make. This scoring term, which represents three strokes under par on a single hole, is extremely difficult to...

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