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What is UTR? Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) is a global system by Universal Tennis that rates every tennis player on a 1 to 16.5 point scale – it’s a number not a ranking – promoting fair and competitive play across the tennis world. Beginners start at 1 and top 10 ATP and WTP players are around the 15+ and 13+ mark respectively.

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UTR Pro Tennis Series : 8 UTR Pro Tennis Series 5 : 2 Macon 2 ITF : 17 Hamburg 2 ITF : 12 Karaganda ITF : 13 Netanya ITF : 10 Rio do Sul ITF : 10 Sevilla ITF : 4 UTR Pro Tennis Series 6 : 0 Antalya 28 ITF : 10 Monastir 6 ITF : 12 Sharm El Sheikh 13 ITF : 13 UTR Pro Match Series : 6

Universal Tennis Rating System Explained - TheTennisBros.com

The idea is that players are ranked on a single 16 point scale that only factors in playing ability and does not take nationality, gender, age or where a match is being played into account. The thinking behind the UTR development is that traditional ranking systems are based on match wins alone, so the more matches you can play, the higher your ...

Universal Tennis Rating - Wikipedia

Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) is an index intended to be reliable and accurate that rates players' tennis skill. UTR rates all players—men, women, and children—on a single 16-point scale (with two decimal places, e.g., 11.29) that works for players globally regardless of their skill level, from beginners to top professional competitors.

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Understanding the UTR Rating Algorithm. Introduction. UTR Rating is a modified elo rating system that promotes fair and competitive play across the tennis world. Players are rated based on actual results, not age, gender, nationality, or socioeconomic status. When you understand your skill level, you can find hits, events, and tournaments where ...



What is a good UTR Rating ? - What You Need to Know...

UTR means U niversal T ennis R ating. It is an international rating given to players from the beginner to the professional level. It ranges from 1 to 16.5, where beginners start at 1 and the top 10 ATP players are over 16.

Pro Tennis Returns In The U.S. (But Not As You Know It)

The UTR Pro Match Series are organized by US-based Universal Tennis, which owns the Universal Tennis Ratings (UTR), ... the four-man prize money event is being played in a round-robin format, in a ...